Terry Bowden Returns to the Plains

Gnome Land USA opens in Auburn

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Apple fans loyal through it all

Through it all what?  I thought Apple was perfect?!

Oh, gosh.  This is such a blow.

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Stick it to the Phils!

Phillies, in need of left-handed bat, deal for Stairs

HA!  Everybody knows there’s no such thing as a left-handed bat.  Suckers!

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No. 44 Has Spoken

In an article entitled “No. 44 Has Spoken,” Der Spiegel’s Gerhard Spörl writes:

Anyone who saw Barack Obama at Berlin’s Siegessäule on Thursday could recognize that this man will become the 44th president of the United States. He is more than ambitious — he wants to lay claim to become the president of the world.

It was a ton to absorb — and what a stupendous ride through world history: the story of his own family, the Berlin Airlift, terrorists, poorly secured nuclear material, the polar caps, World War II, America’s errors, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, freedom. It’s amazing anyone could pack such a potpourri of issues into the space of a speech that lasted less than 30 minutes.

Indeed, Barack Obama has his own sound — it’s more utopian, he speaks of the general human desire for better conditions for all of humanity; and he speaks of the longing for strong and dynamic presidents and chancellors who are capable of acting on a global scale. With this drive and this radiance, he managed to drive Hillary Clinton out of the campaign. It is also the way he will outpace John McCain by November 4. It is the way he took the hearts of Americans by storm, and it is the way he is now taking Europe by storm.

Tim LaHaye, please call your office.

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The Most Spiritual UV Protection

Premium Christian Sunglasses

Does this mean I can’t wear my Wal-Mart sunglasses anymore?

Man, so many great slogans that could apply here.

  • Premium sunglasses for premium Christians.
  • The only sunglasses company that recommends looking directly at the Son.
  • What would Jesus wear?
  • Because the Helmet of Salvation doesn’t come with UV protection.
  • Blocks the Sun, not the Son.
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Are You Sitting Down?

FBI lab workers say ‘CSI’ not realistic

I hate it had to be me who broke this to you.  I know it comes as a shock.

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New iPhone Woes

Problems reported as new iPhone launches

I’m shocked — shocked.  Everyone knows that Apple products are always bug free.  Someone must be mistaken.

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